Monday, February 12, 2007

Amazing & Vibrant

Osmond York is and exciting and vibrant artist who is up and coming.

This young artist uses the latest technologies to create all his images and in this age of computer technology it is only reasonable to assume that artists will turn to this new medium to create their images.

Osmond has turned his back on traditional paints and canvas to replace them with an electronic tablet and stylus wand to produce some of the very best abstract images. His colours are amazingly vibrant and are as cutting edge as the impressionists were in their day, yet his work is accessible and wouldn't look out of place in any home. It is truly decor art.

His images can be viewed at

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Innocence of Childhood

Julie Newitt has an incredible ability to radiate the magic and innocence of small children, her images capture moments of pure delight with touches of whimsy and charm. Illistrations full of nostalgia that fill parents and grandparents with childhood memories, yet are still so totally 21st century.

Julie works on the finest traditional watercolour paper spending most of her time using the smallest of brushess applying the finest of details.

Much of the inspiration for Julie's endering images come from her own children and their sense of discovery of even the simplest of things.

What she conveys in her art is a sense of wonder and the viewer can not help but capture that memory, that sense of untroubled joy that only comes with the innocence of childhood.
Julie's images can be viewed at

Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Great Australia Lanscape

The Australian landscape is diverse & dramatic. The land is ancient, principally empty and quite inhospitable, but it has rich rewards for those who are prepared to explore.

Dean Newitt has done some of the exploring on our behalf. From the cool alpine district of Victoria to the dry remotness of South Australia's Oodnadatta Track to the vivid hues of Palm Valley in the Northern Territory.

Australia's coast also reveals similar variety. From sharp ruggard coastline, like Point Hicks to the stillness of River esturies.

Dean Newitt's images of the Point Hicks Light House at dawn are spectacular; you can feel the icy chill in the air. In 'Morning Light' you can see the first glow of dawn just beyond the horizon.Other images captured in Croajingalong National Park by Dean Newitt, like 'Mallacoota Meditation' and 'Serenity' are in stark contrast to Point Hicks, such is the diversity of Australia.'

Mallacoota Meditation', 'Morning Light' and 'Serenity' can be viewed at